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Ilari Hongisto (1978)

Ilari Hongisto is an internationally awarded composer, musician, studiopro and music pedagogue from Turku, Finland. 


Hongisto’s pieces have been performed both in Finland and abroad, and they have had success in composing contests as well.

Taivas alla -piece won the first prize in a Pan-European composition competition in Paris in 2012. Kävellen piece won a shared third prize in a Nordic composing contest for choir music in 2007. Hongisto represented Finland at Ung Nordisk Musik -festival in Oslo, Norway in 2008 and in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. He has also had success in many songwriting competitions.


Hongisto did his Master of Music degree in electroacoustic composition in the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. During his studies he combined his bachelor of arts level compositional studies in Art Academy of Turku with his background in the field of music technology and studio. He has also studied percussions and drums in Conservatory of Turku 


Hongisto did his Masters degree in musicology and Finnish language. Today Hongisto is preparing a dissertation in the University of Turku, the subject being names in music.

Hongisto is working as a lecturer in the Conservatory of Turku. He is teaching music theory, composition and music arrangement. He is also running the music production vocational studies program. Hongisto is also the quality manager of the Conservatory of Turku.

Hongisto is a member of the Finnish Composers Society.



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